A car’s heater may release cold or normal air for various reasons. But, there are multiple techniques to help you identify the reasons for malfunctioning problems. The major challenge you might encounter is determining the actual reason and replacing the component causing the problem. In this article, we’ll share some effective techniques to pinpoint the problem with your heater. So let’s get into details:

1.    Heater Thermostat

Coolant is a mixture that flows through the heater. The main purpose of the coolant is to reach the heating core through tubes and valves. But, this mixture had to pass through a thermostat to reach the core. When the thermostat malfunctions, the coolant won’t be able to flow through this point, disrupting the heater’s performance. It would be best if you replaced the thermostat to enable coolant to circulate through this portion. Keep in mind that this problem needs to be solved immediately as this might overheat the engine causing major issues.

2.    Cooling System

The cooling system works when the coolant flows through the valves and hoses, reaching the heating core. When the coolant reaches the core, it heats up, releasing hot air. The fan pushes the air out of the system, spreading it across the car. But, if the mixture is low in concentration, the heating core won’t work properly. Also, if the coolant consists of contaminants such as dust and rust particles, the system won’t work. Therefore, the heat won’t leave the system in the cabin. It would help if you replaced the coolant to fix the problem.

3.    Blower Fan

Sometimes, the heater might not work because of the malfunctioned blower fan. When this happens, the hot air leaving the heating core won’t pass through the filters into the cabin. As a result, the engine will overheat. Therefore, you should immediately fix the fan or replace it with a new component. There are a few signs that signify that the blower fan isn’t working. Check if your car smells like fruits or sweets, try to listen to the fan’s noise through the dashboard. To replace the blower fan, you should open the dashboard, find the heating core, and remove the damaged fan. You’ll find a new blower fan from a local store. Simply fix the new fan in the correct position, and the heater will work properly.

After reading the above solutions, you can easily identify the problem with the heater and fix your heating system. Fixing these issues won’t require much effort and time. All you need to do is pinpoint and remove the damaged component. On the other hand, when you visit a professional to fix the malfunctioning, it’ll cost you a significant amount of money.