Cabin air filters are components of a car that are mostly neglected by many car owners. They are parts that control the air quality inside your car’s cabin. Like all filters, they can need replacement overtime because of the over accumulation of dirt and debris.

If you do not change them as often as you should, it may lead to a number of problems. For instance, it can cause your air conditioning to fail. On the other hand, it can also cause your compressor to go bad.

Ultimately, replacing the air filter is a simple thing that you can do to prevent issues such as these. Not only that, it is also a cheap fix to prevent yourself from spending countless amount of money. This is because an air cabin filter replacement is a preventative measure to safeguard your car from running into major problems.

What Does the Cabin Air Filter Do?

The cabin air filter mostly locates behind the glove box compartment. It is an integral component of your car’s HVAC system. Thanks to the cabin air filter, the air that travels from outside, through the vents, and into your nostrils is free from the outside contaminants and pollutants inside the air.

By filtering out all the dust, dirt, contaminants, and odor, they provide you a safe, comfortable and breathable area. They trap the smallest microns that are suspended in the air. Not only that, they are also systematically designed with carbon integrations that trap any outside odor from entering into the cabin.

By ridding all of these irritants from entering into the car, they help keep you healthy. Moreover, since they control the air quality, they can be pivotal for passengers and drivers that are allergic to these irritants. For instance, sneezing or coughing while you drive your vehicle puts you at a serious risk of an accident.

Some people that are allergic to pollen have to pollen refrain from driving around during the spring season. This is when cabin air filters can be very useful for them. Some cabin air filter offer ultra filtration qualities that are also specific to filtering out pollen particles in the air.

When to replace them?

Cabin air filters inside your car are good as long as their pores are clean and without too much dirt accumulation. If you notice a musty smell, or lower air flow through your car’s ventilation system, then these are all signs of cabin air filter replacement.

Another indication is haze on your window. This will be more evident in the winters. As cabin air filters that are clogged will impact the HVAC system’s ability to re circulate the air, the car starts to take much longer to get rid of the haze on the windows, especially during the winter time.

You need to replace the filters more often than you think. A general rule of thumb would be to replace the cabin air filters every twelve thousand miles or once a year.