Catalytic Converters

The country is in a middle of an epidemic, and while many heads will turn towards Covid-19, the epidemic of crime is also soaring. More precisely, this entails to the crimes regarding catalytic converters. What are catalytic converters? Below, this article discusses briefly about this auto part, and its role inside an automotive.

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are components that attach to the exhaust pipe, underneath a car. These converters help convert harmful emissions exiting the exhaust pipe, into less harmful emissions .The precious metal deposits inside a catalytic converter are responsible for this conversion.

Rhodium, Palladium, and Platinum cause a chemical reaction with the pollutants inside an exhaust, making them inactive. This helps car manufacturers to build vehicles that are, to some extent, environmentally friendly.

Reasons for this Epidemic

Catalytic converter theft is not news to many car owners. Thieves have been getting their hands on catalytic converters for a very long time. However, what’s surprising is the sudden increase catalytic converter theft this year compared to previous year

The trend of catalytic converter theft and statistics relating to number of cases show a massive increase in the past three years. This increase is likely due to the increasing prices of precious metals such as rhodium.

Even a few ounces of the precious metals inside a car can mean thousands of dollars for a criminal. And since the price fluctuates, this impacts the rate of catalytic converter thefts. The current price of these precious metals are very close to their all their highs, which is primarily the reason of the increase in rate of crime.

What can you Do?

With the sudden increase of crime, you can take steps to protect your car from criminals ripping away a crucial piece of your exhaust pipe. Even though these measures may not promise hundred percent protection, they can still make your car a less desirable target for the criminal.

Steel Wires

Steel wires and cables are a cost-effective and easy installation options for car owners in the face of this epidemic. Wrapping your exhaust with steel cables provides it with an extra metallic layering, strengthening it in the face of portable cutters.

Steel Plates and Grills

To move a step above steel cables, you can spend more money to have your technician install a steel plate underneath your car. This plate acts as a protective wall, blocking access to the exhaust pipe, and demoralizing the perpetrator in their pursuit.

Along with customizable installations, you can also build good parking habits. Make sure to upgrade your car’s alarm system. Hence, all of these measures are necessary for car owners. They can safeguard your hard-earned money, and save you the costs of spending close to thousand dollars on a new catalytic converter.