heatThe summer heat can cause issues for your vehicle. Summers are ahead, and for many people, this means that they have to prepare for all the nuances of summers. Many car owners forget to consider their car ahead of the summer. It is important to note that like winters, summers are also a time that calls for car protection.

The sunrays, although essential, can be damaging to the metallic exterior and leather interior of the car. This is why preparing your car ahead of summer can help you save plenty of costs in damage and repair.

Extra Protection when Washing the Car

If you wash your car in the summer, you should prepare your car with some extra protection. You not only want to protect your car from random dirt but also from insect stains and asphalt stains. You can also have sand grains and pebbles that bounce up from under the wheels of the car.

The sand grains will often leave marks and scratches on the car’s paint job. These marks will also dull the paint over time if you do not address them soon enough. To prevent all of that from happening, you can start by covering your car’s body with a few coats of polish at the beginning of summer. You can also make your coat polish at home.

Summer Heat and Care of the Car

Start by grating a bar of soap with the help of a shredder until you get about half a cup of soap flakes. You can then mix the soap flakes with half a cup of water and then you will have to leave it in a bowl so that the soap dissolves completely with the water.

Now, you will need to add a tablespoon of beeswax and half a cup of Jojoba oil into a mixture and then put it into the soap and water mixture. Once you have the mixture ready, you will have to use a funnel to collect the saturated mixture after leaving it overnight.

Polishing your car will not only protect your car from receiving permanent stains but also save you the cost of getting a new paint job. Furthermore, it also helps you attain that shiny and sparkly aesthetic.