Change the windshield wipers when you start to notice visibility issues. Your car’s maintenance is of the utmost importance, and even the smallest components in it should be thoroughly examined and repaired or replaced if they aren’t functioning properly. Another important part of the maintenance of your car is choosing to replace your windshield wipers every few months. The windshield wipers are located on the outside of your windshield, and their main task is to keep the glass clean and clear.

There are various reasons why you should change the windshield wipers after every 2-3 months, and we will go deeper into these reasons in this article.

Your Wipers Make a Screeching Noise

When you turn on your wipers, their motor causes them to swing from side to side, thus wiping any dirt or moisture off your windshield. However, while doing this, if you hear any screeching or sharp sound, make sure to turn off the wipers. Chances are that the rubber blades of the wipers have come loose, which is why the metal part is scratching against the glass. This can damage your glass and leave you with costlier damages. Therefore, replacing your windshield wipers every now and then is crucial to their efficiency.

If you have a closer look at your windshield wipers, they have rubber blades that are mounted onto a metal blade, and they are responsible for keeping your windshield clean without scratching the glass. However, due to increased exposure to the sun and become hard, causing them to crack and break in places. Sometimes, the entire thing comes apart from the metal blade, causing it to scratch against the glass and damage it.

Change wipers that Bent or Damaged

One of the major reason why you need to replace the windshield wipers every few months is because they can get bent or damaged quite easily. This often happens if you keep the wipers on at full speed for a long time. The blade is attached to a metal arm, which is mounted to the motor with a nut. Since it glides against the windshield, the blades tend to get warped or bent after repeated usage. When this happens, they lose their efficiency to keep your glass clean. This is why you have to replace your windshield wipers frequently.

The Wipers Don’t Clean Properly

Last but not least, the major reason why you need to change your windshield wipers regularly is that they stop working properly, i.e. they don’t clean your glass in the same way as they did before. The windshield wipers start to leave streaks or specks of dirt on your windshield and, as a result, you can’t see the road clearly. So, it is best if you replace your wipers to ensure you always have clean windshields.

This brings us to the end of our article. Hopefully, you now understand the importance of your windshield wipers and why you should replace them every few months. Properly working windshield wipers mean better visibility, and increased road safety as well.