cabin air filter

Just like it’s important to get your engine checked every couple of months, other components need attention as well. One of those components is your car’s cabin air filter. This filter has numerous benefits, and keeping the air you breathe in, is the most essential one. The filter extracts the contaminants and dust from the air flowing into the vehicle before it reaches you. Just like the air filter inside your engine which keeps out debris and other pollutants, the cabin air filter works similarly. However, your car’s cabin air filter works nonstop to keep dirt away from you and the passengers in your vehicle. Thus, making it a component that needs to be replaced promptly. However, when is the right time to replace it?

Cabin Air Filter and Air Circulation

Since the car’s cabin air filter cleanses the air that flows through it, a clogged one won’t do the same job. Thus, making you experience congestion in breathing or reduced air circulation. This indication shows that your car needs a new cabin air filter, asap.

Musty Odor from the Filter

Your car’s cabin air filter is an important component to keep polluted air out of the cabin. But, with mixed dirt on the filter causes it to release stench inside the vehicle. This stench is another sign that your cabin air filter’s life is over and it needs to be replaced.

Deteriorating HVAC Performance

Your heating and AC work in tandem with the car’s filter. This small pleated filter traps the pollutants before they enter the cabin via the HVAC system while damaging them along the way. Thus, to avoid a major repair job in your AC and heating system, make sure you keep your cabin air filter nice and workable.

Poor Window Fog Clearing can be an Issue

We discussed how airflow gets compromised due to a clogged filters. But, the problem can be disastrous; since the windows won’t clear as quickly as they should due to reduced airflow. Moreover, the diminished air quality due to a poor filter creates condensation to form on your car’s windshield. Although a filter doesn’t affect your car’s engine directly. However, a bad HVAC track could end up putting a hefty load on the engine. Moreover, it can also neutralize the performance of your HVAC system; thus, putting a dent on the vehicle’s value. In short, it not only protects you from harmful gases but it can keep the performance of your vehicle in check. All you have to do is keep on checking the filter inside your car and order a replacement if needed.

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