fuel mileage

One of the easiest ways to improve the fuel mileage of a vehicle is to change some driving habits. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to avoid any fast starts or stops the vehicle has. With jack rabbit starts, this can lower the fuel efficiency by up to thirty percent at highway speeds. Even with stop and go traffic it can have a negative impact on fuel mileage. This is the same for slamming on the brakes each time you stop. Be aware of the traffic, and adjust your speed accordingly. If the vehicle has a manual transmission, shift the gears efficiently. When coming to a stop, make sure to brake instead of downshifting to slow down. By keeping an eye on the traffic ahead, you can anticipate the road conditions as well.

Fuel Mileage for your Vehicle

The fuel efficiency is best around fifty miles per hour on most cars. As the speed increases, then it will start to decline. Driving and reducing speeds by up to ten miles per hour can actually increase the fuel efficiency by as much as fourteen percent. By using cruise control, the speed fluctuations will decrease as well. Make sure to notice the traffic and road conditions. Never use cruise control when roads are slick or there is heavy traffic. Also make sure to never let the vehicle run longer than it has to. Instead of letting it idle, turn it off if it will be longer than a couple minutes. This also includes make sure to combine errands into one large trip. This will prevent extra stops and backtracking when trying to get to all the places you planned on.


A well maintained car will also help to keep the fuel efficiency the best it can be. If it is not properly inspected, issues will start to cause extra strain on the vehicle. This will then result in poor mileage as you drive on the road.