The AC for your vehicle is an important part! With the extreme heat and humidity we have been experiencing this year, many vehicle owners in the Inver Grove, Mendota Heights, & Eagan area are facing an air conditioner that is suddenly not able to cool their vehicle….so now what?  First, don’t panic because you are not alone.  Most vehicle AC problems are one of these:


Leaking Refrigerant

Blocked or clogged condenser

Electrical issues

Faulty cooling fan

Bad compressor

Leaking Refrigerant

Leaking refrigerant is a very common issue.  These leaks are most commonly located where there are AC hose connections.  Experienced techs can sometimes spot a leak visually, but in many cases a shop will inject some dye into your AC and let it operate for a period of time.  That dye can be seen with a special light and makes it easier to spot the problem area.  If the leak is at a connection point, applying a special sealant will normally correct the problem.

AC now working because of the Condenser

A blocked or clogged condenser is another common problem. The majority of condensers are located in the front of the vehicle. Dirt a debris from the road can block or clog the confessor and prevent it from performing it’s job of cooling the refrigerant after it has heated up in the AC process. Repair is sometimes as simple as removing debris, but cleaning the condenser can be a little tricky so it is best to let a trained and experienced AC technician perform the service.  If you start poking around with the wrong tool, putting a hole in the condenser creates an entirely different problem. A perforated condenser leaves very few options other than replacing it with a new or recycled part.


Electrical issues are always the most concerning.  The only path to finding and correcting an electrical problem is to inspect the wiring connected to the operation of the AC.  Sometimes it is as simple as a blown fuse, but if it is a more hidden problem, technicians need to carefully and thoroughly work through the wiring.  Our vehicles experience a host of temperatures, humidity, snow, salt, rain, road conditions, debris, and other challenges.  It is not a surprise that once in a while a wire may be frayed, cracked, or broken.

Faulty Cooling Fan

A faulty cooling fan will impact the performance of the AC as well as result in an overheated vehicle in most cases.  The cooling fan blows air across the AC condenser to remove the heat from the vapor refrigerant located inside.  The good news is a faulty cooling fan is most commonly caused by a failed relay and can be repaired without a big delay or cost.  If it is not the relay, the cooling fan itself may have failed and will need to be replaced.


A bad compressor is bad news. The compressor is the most important component of your vehicles AC system as it circulates the refrigerant…..without it there is no cooling possible.  The only repair option is to replace the compressor and that cost can run as high as $2,000.00 or even more.


If you notice that your vehicle’s AC system is not performing at its best, contacting your automotive service provider is our recommendation.  Properly diagnosing any vehicle service issue is the most important step in the repair. If you do not have a regular automotive service provider, Kremer Services would very much like the opportunity to serve you!