When driving this summer, always remember kids and pets that might still be in your vehicle when you park. With the hot summer months and abundant sunshine, staying in a vehicle that is turned off can become dangerous and deadly. The interior can reach temperatures of over 100 degrees in a matter of only a few minutes. If the temperature outside is 85 degrees, this can take as little as ten minutes to get that warm. As the temperature outside becomes hotter, the interior will also heat up faster as a result. If you have kids or pets in the vehicle, always make sure to take them with you once you turn off the vehicle.

Remember Kids and Pets in the Car

Never forget kids or pets in a vehicle, as it can have deadly consequences. Children are not able to handle the hot temperatures like adults can. So even in a few short minutes they can develop heat stroke. Even with the windows cracked, it will become too hot for those in it. The last thing you want is to accidentally leave a child or pet in the vehicle. If you take the children to daycare before work, remember to not forget about them in the vehicle. To help prevent this, place your work things in the back seat. That way as you get the work items out of the back seat, you can double check they are empty. This can include children, pets, or even groceries you just bought.


Even if you crack the window in the car, it will not be enough to keep it cool. As the sun warms up the vehicle, it will act as a greenhouse. It will also warm up the dashboard and seats, and these will radiate heat as well. Without the windows open, there will not be any air circulation. This will also trap the heat and humid air in the vehicle. Always make sure to be aware of your passengers, especially if they are in the backseat of your vehicle.