Staying healthy and safe while out is important. You will want to remember to practice social distancing. This means staying six feet away from other people. If someone is sick, this is the appropriate distance so that the germs cannot spread. When you sneeze or cough, also remember to do so into your elbow. This will also help to contain the germs as well. Never cough into your hand, as it can increase germs spreading to everything you touch afterwards. Always make sure to wash your hands with soap and warm water, as this kills germs too.


While it is recommended to stay home right now, there are some things you can do. One option you have is to drive around. Taking a nice casual drive will help you get out of your home, while also being able to stay away from others. A leisure drive will help you to enjoy the fresh air and scenery as well. As you do so, make sure that your vehicle is always operating at top performance and efficiency. You will want to make sure that you still are following maintenance requirements. Things like oil changes, checking the tires, and noticing odd noises are important. The last thing you will want it an unexpected breakdown.


If you are driving to store to pick up essential items, make sure to call ahead. Doing so will allow you know the hours that they are open for. Many businesses have adjusted their hours in order to follow the new guidelines. If you are traveling to these stores, you will want to make sure they are open. This will help you from making a wasted trip incase the store is closed when you get there. For our response on Covid-19, make sure to read it here at…

Stay healthy and safe!