Take care of your car year round, especially during the spring when there are potholes. If you do hit a pothole, make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible so we can inspect it for you. Doing so will help to determine if there are any issues or problems. We will give it a bumper to bumper inspection and check the parts. If you hit a pothole, the first thing to do is care for your vehicle. You will want to get out and check the tires. The tires will hit the pothole and it can cause damage to them. It may also cause the tires to lose air pressure over time.

Care of the Vehicle when hitting a pothole

Another thing to check on the vehicle is the suspension and shocks. If you hit a pothole too hard, it can cause damage to either of these. You will first notice suspension issues by poor handling of the vehicle. If the ride is uncomfortable and bumpy, then the suspension was probably damaged. This can also lead to further wear and tear for the parts of the vehicle. If one part starts to wear, then the others can become damaged as well over time.


If you see a pothole on the road ahead, make sure that you avoid it. If you cannot avoid it, you will want to slow down as much as possible. Hitting it at a slower speed will reduce the amount of damage for your vehicle. Also be aware of potholes because you will not know for sure how deep they are. One that is significantly deep can cause immediate damage to the tires. Drive with care this spring when on the road. Also make sure to bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance. Doing so can help you to have a safe and reliable vehicle when driving.