Knowing when the battery of your vehicle should be inspected is important. This way we can fully check it to make sure it is in the best possible condition. Knowing when to bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance is also important. By following this guideline, you will always help to ensure the vehicle is working to the best of the abilities. If you are not sure when the schedule should be, make sure to contact us. We will be able to set up a maintenance schedule for you.

Checking the Battery in Winter

You will want to check various parts under the hood. Knowing what to look for as you inspect the battery is important. You will need to check how tight and secure it is for your vehicle. If the battery is loose, then it can be likely it loses the connections to provide power to your vehicle. One way you will notice an issue with the battery, is if there is a problem starting your vehicle. The car may start, but will not remain running. If this is the case, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect it. The battery, alternator, or starter could be bad.

Clean the Battery

Check various areas of the battery to make sure it is clean. If there is a build up of grime or dirt, you will want to have this cleaned off as soon as possible. Doing so will help prevent even further issues or damages from occurring with the battery. You will want to check the connection terminals for any rust or grime as well. If it is dirty, carefully clean it. You can also schedule an appointment and we can get it cleaned off for you. Anytime you notice an issue with your vehicle, make sure to have it inspected as soon as possible.