Testing the Battery

By testing the battery of your vehicle, you can determine the condition that it is in. You can schedule an appointment with us so you can bring the vehicle in for an inspection. We will also be able to check and test the battery at that time as well. If a new battery is needed, we can help advise on the options you have. We can also recommend what battery is best for your vehicle. When the battery becomes old, it will not be able to hold a charge like it once could. This will result in the battery no longer being reliable when you need to drive the car this winter.

Noticing Issues

Also, you may start to notice an issue with the battery when starting the vehicle. Testing the battery will help you determine if it will need to be replaced. When the vehicle becomes slow to start or turn over, the battery could be to blame. Testing the starter and alternator may also be another option. Since all three are needed in order to have your vehicle start, any of them can be the issue. It is recommended to bring the vehicle in so we can check all the components for you.


It is important to make sure that you check the condition of the battery as well. The terminals should be free of any build up of corrosion or grime. Over time, you might start to see rust forming. This can impact the connectivity of the battery to the rest of your vehicle. If the connection is poor, then it can result in the vehicle starting poorly or not at all. Noticing any issues should always be taken seriously and brought in for an inspection. If you are not sure if the battery is in proper condition, schedule an appointment and we can look at it.