Charging the car’s air conditioner may need to be done at one point or another when you own a vehicle. If you are on a summer road trip, the last thing you will want is for your vehicle to fail. You will also want to prevent the air conditioner from failing as well. Make sure to bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance throughout the year. When you do so, we can inspect the vehicle and the air conditioner for your vehicle. Also be aware of anything out of the norm you notice between regular maintenance inspections.

Cooler Air

The first sign you may notice of needing the air conditioner recharged is if the air is no longer cold. If it is not as cold as it used to be, then having it recharged is recommended. This is important, as it will keep your air conditioner blowing cold air into the cabin of your vehicle. You may also notice a strange odor coming from the air conditioner vents. If there is mold in the system, you may notice a foul mildew type odor.

Issues that you Notice

Another sign of issues are any unusual banging or rattling sounds coming from under the hood. If the fan belt or condenser is worn out, you may notice this odd noise. There could also be debris that may be clogging the fan of the vehicle. It is always best to have us professionally inspect for you. That way we can pinpoint the problem and have it repaired for you quickly. You can also look for any signs of a leak from the vehicle. Check for puddles or stains from under the vehicle. You may also notice the puddles on the floorboard or under the dash of the vehicle. Along with a leak, the vehicle may have a clogged drain hose that is causing the puddles.