During the hot summer months you will not only want to stay cool, but make sure your vehicle is as well. The last thing you will want is to have your vehicle overheat while you are driving this summer. Keeping the vehicle up to date on regular maintenance can help prevent various issues from occurring. When we inspect the vehicle, we can catch issues that may be just starting. This can reduce the chance of a complete failure when you least expect it. One thing that should always be inspected is the oil, as well as other fluid levels for your vehicle. By having these fluids at the proper levels, it can help decrease the chance of the vehicle overheating.

If it is hot, check the fluids

One of the main fluids to inspect is the coolant. This is the fluid that will help keep the radiator cool and prevent it from overheating. If you need to check the coolant, make sure the vehicle has been turned off for several minutes. Checking the coolant and radiator right after the vehicle has been running can cause severe burns. Before you drive, you can check to ensure there is the proper amount in the reservoir. If you notice that the coolant needs to be replaced frequently, schedule an appointment. That way we can inspect the vehicle for you and if there is a leak in the system.

Turn off the AC

If the vehicle does begin to overheat, make sure that you turn off the air conditioner and roll down the windows. Turning on the heater can actually reduce the amount of heat in and around the engine. You should also make sure to pull the vehicle over when it is safe to do so if it continues to overheat. Doing so will help prevent less damage to the engine of your vehicle. If the vehicle continues to overheat every time you drive, it is always best to bring it in for an appointment with us.