Car Care

In the summer, there are several parts of your vehicle to inspect. Summer heat means you will want a cool and comfortable ride. The air conditioner has many parts, which include the compressor, freon, hoses, and belts that can wear out with age and use. You will need to replace these parts according to the maintenance guide, or at the first sign of wear, to keep your air conditioner running properly. To maintain your air conditioner’s coolant pressure this summer, you should run your air conditioner once a month for at least ten minutes to prevent your hoses from hardening and the seals from failing. Start by turning the air conditioner to its coolest setting and the highest fan speed for the best results. By running the defrost for five to ten minutes, you are able to clean out any moisture and help reduce mildew and odors in the system. If you are not sure when the air conditioner should be inspected, make sure to contact us.

Regular Inspections in Summer

Over time your vehicle’s air conditioning system may leak out enough freon to significantly decrease cold airflow. Freon also helps to cool your vehicle down. As freon leaks, it causes the air conditioning system to not cool as efficient as it otherwise would. This leads to a warm and uncomfortable vehicle. To determine if your cooling system needs to be recharged, you can first start by switching the knob to recirculation air and allow a few minutes for the compressor to cycle and the pressures to stabilize. The higher the temperature outside the longer and harder the system has to work to keep you cool.

Signs of a Poor Air Conditioner

There are signs you can look for before there is a failed air conditioner in your vehicle. If you notice a sudden loss of cooling temperature in the vents during normal driving, chances are the compressor or clutch has stopped working. This may also signify a hose leak. The air conditioning system can also become frozen or jammed. If you hear a loud noises that startle you, then there might be a leak. Not having a properly working air conditioner in your vehicle when it is hot is uncomfortable to anyone. This is why it is important to bring your vehicle in so we can inspect the air conditioning system for you.