During the spring thawing and weather, you will notice an increase in potholes on the road. You will want to make sure to be cautious when driving so you avoid hitting them. Hitting a pothole can do damage, sometimes significant, to your vehicle. You will also want to be aware of traffic and others that are around you. Make sure not to cross lanes of traffic and hit other vehicles or oncoming traffic as you drive. You will always want to put safety first.

Slow Down

When you hit a pothole, always remember to slow down and approach it carefully. It will be hard to determine how deep a pothole might be. This is especially true if has just rained and the pothole formed a puddle. If the pothole is deep, then you might do even more damage to your vehicle. The tires will need to be inspected as well for any damage or issues that they might have. If you hit a deep pothole at high speed, you increase the chance of the tire blowing out. There can also be damage to the sidewalls and rubber of the tire as well. Even if you do not see any issues, it is always best to bring it in so we can inspect it.

Poor Alignment

One issue you might notice immediately is if the alignment is off. As the tires hit the pothole, it will throw off the alignment and how the tires rotate. You can notice if the alignment is off based on the position of your steering wheel when you drive. If the steering wheel is straight, but you notice your vehicle driving in one direction, there is an issue. The same is if the vehicle is going straight, but the steering wheel is off to one side. If you notice any issue, make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can repair the issue.