Your vehicle should always be in the best condition possible. To help accomplish this, make sure that you bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections. Doing so will help us to inspect and check your vehicle for any issues that it might have. If you are not sure how often this should be, you can check in the vehicle owner’s manual. You can also contact us and we can recommend when certain tasks should be done. Things like oil changes, tire rotations, tire alignments, brake inspections, and a bumper to bumper inspection are all good tasks to do.

Check Tires

As spring arrives, make sure to check the tires. Now there can be an increase of potholes in the road when you drive. If you hit one of the potholes, it can do significant damage to the tires if you are not careful. Hitting the pothole too hard can cause damage to the sidewalls of the tire. It may also increase the chance of them blowing out as you hit it. Slow down if you see a pot hole and try to avoid it. If you must hit it, go slow enough to keep the damage to a minimum. Hitting the pothole can also dent the rims of your wheels. No matter what speed or how deep the pothole was, it is always best to have the tires checked.

Oil Changes

You will also want to make sure that you check the oil for your vehicle. Over the winter oil changes are easily forgotten about. This can end up doing damage to the engine. Check to see when the oil should be changed, and also make sure that the oil filter is changed. This will help keep the clean fresh oil moving smoothly.