The different dashboard warning lights mean different things for your vehicle. Sometimes they can alert you for what the issue might be. This can range from the brakes, engine, or even tires. These lights are designed to alert you to any issue that the car might be having. When the light illuminates, notice which one it is. If the light starts to blink, then there can be a more serious issue with it. This will need to be taken care of as soon as possible. Doing so will help prevent further damage and a more costly repair bill as well.

Tire Warning Light

The tire pressure light might come on at some point when driving. Make sure you are in a safe place to do so, but you will want to get out and inspect the air pressure of each tire. If a tire has low air, it can end up doing damage to it in the long run. This is because low air pressure tires can be more prone to blowing out. It can also do damage to the rims of the vehicle as well. When you notice the tires are going low more often, make sure to bring it in so they can be inspected. This will help them to be safe to drive on.

Check Engine Light

Noticing the check engine light can also be an issue. This will alert you to any issue that is happening with the engine. Sometimes this light coming on could mean that there is an issue with emissions or even the gas cap. The best thing to do is contact us for an appointment. We can inspect the vehicle and test the code for why there is an issue with it. This will help you to have a reliable vehicle this winter.