The most important thing in the winter is to make sure you have proper visibility. A small scraped hole from the snow and ice is not good enough to have proper visibility. You will want the entire windshield cleared off. Also scrape the windows and rear windshield of the vehicle. Make sure that you have a long handled scraper so you can reach as far as possible to have them cleared completely. To help the scraping, start the vehicle and turn the defrost on. This can help warm it from the interior. It will also warm up the interior of the vehicle when you are done scraping the windows. By having everything cleared off completely, you can see vehicles from all directions.

Poor Road Conditions

Also remember to be aware of any potential bad road conditions. Even fog or a light mist can result in the roads being slick. As it hits the road, it can start to freeze. This can result in black ice when you drive. If the temperature is right at freezing, or slightly below, there is a chance for black ice to occur. You will want to be careful when driving over bridges or overpasses on the roads. By slowing down and being careful, you can help to decrease the chance of an accident. You will not want to slam on the brakes or over correct if you start to slide. This can increase the chance you lose control and end up going in the ditch.

Remember the Tires

Make sure that you check the tires regularly as well. The proper air pressure is important to ensure that they can travel efficiently when you drive. When it is cold, the tires can have a bead leak. This has to deal with the temperature. You will want to check the tires after they have sat awhile. Checking the air pressure right after you drive can result in a false reading.