During the winter, the colder temperatures can lead to issues with your vehicle if you do not have proper maintenance. If you notice any signs of an issue or problem, it is always best to have us inspect it. This way we can look for anything out of the norm. When there is a problem, you should always have it repaired or fixed as soon as possible. Choosing to ignore it can lead to a more severe problem, and at a quicker pace too.


The battery should be inspected fully to ensure it is clean. Having a battery that is securely in place will also help with the efficiency of it. If the battery is loose, then it will move and wobble too much when you drive. This can cause terminals and connections to become loose or damaged. When the battery is not secure, driving and hitting bumps can cause it to jar loose and move around. You will want to check the terminals to ensure they are free of any debris or corrosion. Rust can also cause the terminals to be in poor condition.

Problems Starting

If there is an issue with the vehicle starting, it could be from the battery or starter and alternator. It is always best to bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it properly for you. Doing so will help to determine what the issue might be. If the battery has a low charge, make sure to bring it in and we can test the charge. If it is weak, purchasing a new one may be the best and most efficient option for you. If the battery is three to five years old, it may be recommended for a new one. This way it can be effective when you need to start your vehicle this winter.