When you own a vehicle, it is important to keep it properly maintained. This requires several maintenance inspections to your car based on mileage, or what type of vehicle you have. Bringing the vehicle in for an inspection will help keep it working efficiently and in the best condition. This can include looking at several parts and components of the vehicle. It can be the tires, brakes, fluid levels, as well as other parts. If there is a sign of an issue, make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you.

Parts of the Brakes

The brake system is important to check the brake pads, brake rotors, and brake fluid for the vehicle. Over time, the brake pads can start to deteriorate and wear down. As the brake pads wear, you may notice noises that come from it. This occurs when metal is wearing against metal on the brake system. Over time there can be more damage and scratching that may occur with the brake pads and rotors. When the brake rotors wear down, you may also hear noises. Make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it for you.

Brake Pedal

If you feel the brake pedal push to the floor either easier or more difficult, the brakes could be going out. Spongy feelings for the brake pedal can mean that there is a delay when the brakes are applied. This can become a serious issue if you need to slam on the brakes suddenly. A pedal that is too hard will also result in poor response of the brakes as well. You may also notice a vibration when applying the brakes, as this could be a sign of not enough brake fluid in the vehicle. Any of these issues should be a reason to schedule an appointment with us so we can inspect it.