Replacing windshield wipers regularly is integral to safe driving. Typically, you should get new ones every six months, although the best ones, often made from silicone, can last indefinitely. If you notice an issue with the windshield wipers, make sure to replace them as soon as possible. Cold and freezing temperatures can crack and split the rubber blades, and can weaken and degrade the blades’ integrity. Over the course of time, dirt and debris can build up. The spring tension on the wiper arms will loosen. Finally, wipers just wear out with regular use.

New blades have a crisp, clean edge that slides evenly across your windshield without leaving streaks. To extend the time between windshield wiper replacements, here are some things you can do keep your wiper blades in good shape. If there is an issue with how your windshield wipers are working, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible so that we can inspect the windshield wipers for you.

In freezing temperatures, put the wiper arms up when the vehicle’s parked outside. That will prevent them from getting stuck to the windshield. If you forget, turn on the defroster and clean the windshield’s ice and snow. Do not try to chisel the blades free and don’t smack them against the windshield, unless you also want to replace or repair a broken windshield.

When buying wiper blades, measure both old ones, as the lengths usually differ. Use the measurements when you look up your vehicle’s make and model so you can select the right blades. If you have a back window, don’t forget it.

Some blades even leave a hydrophobic layer on your windshield to repel water. The ultimate option, silicone blades, can last the life of your vehicle. If you are not sure what type of windshield wipers to buy for your vehicle, make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can advise you on them. We can also check the condition of your wipers to ensure they work properly and efficient.