The windshield wipers help to clear away rain, or any other debris that might be on the windshield. This can help improve the visibility as you drive. Part of making sure the wipers are able to work efficiently is also make sure the wiper fluid is in good condition. Make sure to fill the wiper fluid reservoir to the amount specified on it. Doing this before any long trip you may take can help to ensure you will have enough. The wiper fluid also helps to wash away any debris or grime that may be on the windshield. The wipers themselves should be checked regularly and replaced at least once a year. While we can inspect them to tell you the condition they are in, there can also be signs you will notice if they need replacing.



When you turn on the windshield wipers, you may notice the wipers smearing water in both directions. This could be a sign of worn wiper blades as they travel across the windshield. It may also indicate a dirty windshield with not enough water to clear it away effectively. You can use the washer fluid to clean the windshield and have the wipers clear it away. If smear marks still remain there, it may be time to replace the blades. New blades can help ensure a clear view while you drive.



In colder temperatures, there may be an increase in water smearing of the windshield. It could mean that the windshield wipers have become old and hard. The wipers could also be the wrong size for your vehicle. If there is constant smearing on the windshield, it is recommended that you replace the windshield wipers. You may also need to replace the windshield wipers if you notice beads of water that will not wipe away. This problem usually occurs when an area is high in pollution. The residue and grime that builds up on the windshield will cause water beads to stick to it. Cleaning the windshield thoroughly can help prevent this issue. If it continues over time however, you might need to replace the wipers.



If you hear the wipers vibrating or chatting against the windshield, it means that water is not getting wiped away efficiently. There could be an issue with a bent wiper arm, which makes the connection to the windshield less effective. The blade arms should be parallel to the glass to result in the wipers being efficient. The noise may be from the wiper blade being frozen or having ice on it. Allow it some time to warm up with the defroster, and the noise should stop. Most issues with the wipers can be solved by replacing them, as a majority of the time it is from a worn or damaged wiper blade. Make sure to replace the windshield wipers on a regular basis. It is recommended to replace them at least once a year. Even if you hardly use them, they can be damaged from the sun beating down on them.