When you own a vehicle, it is important to keep it well maintained. This should include having the vehicle inspected regularly. During the regular inspection, the belts and hoses will be checked. They should be inspected for damages, cracks, or leaks that may have occurred since the last time the vehicle was in. Hoses that are exposed to heat and fumes from the engine can cause them to harden. This can have the possibility to lead to leaks or cracks with the hoses. It is also important to check the belts for any tension or damage from normal wear and tear.


If a belt is loose, you will hear a squeaking or squealing noise, especially when you accelerate rapidly. Sometimes the belts can make these noises if water, coolant, or oil has contaminated them. If this occurs, you will also need to see where the leak is coming from. Also, the belts will need to be replaced if you see chunks missing from them, or if they are frayed. This is important because if they are ignored the pulleys may be out of alignment. This can cause the vehicle to be inefficient when you drive. Also it is important to check the belts because it may cause your engine to overheat, as it is unable to cool your vehicle.


Having regular maintenance will help expand the lifespan of it, as well as the overall condition. Neglecting the hoses of your vehicle can lead to damage and overheating of the engine. You can inspect the hoses over for any holes or cracks. During this, you can also see if any of the hoses are leaking. This can occur with the hose, or at the ends where they connect. It is also important to look for any bulges or blisters. These can be signs that the hoses are starting to wear, and may need to be replaced soon. By feeling the hoses you will also be able to tell if they are too soft or hard. If the hoses are weakening, they will need to be replaced soon. No matter what issue you notice with your vehicle, make sure to schedule an appointment so we can inspect the vehicle for you.