If your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, you will notice it will automatically try to turn to one side or another. This can be a slight pull or sometimes you have to wrestle with the steering wheel because the alignment is extremely off. Other times it may pull, but it is not as noticeable. If you are driving straight ahead and take your hand off the steering wheel, the vehicle may start to naturally drift to one direction. You may also notice a vibration as you drive or turn. Bad alignment will cause the wheels to pull against each other, resulting in a vibration feel as you drive.


You may not notice your tires pulling in one direction or another, but you may notice a crooked steering wheel. While your vehicle is going straight ahead, the steering wheel may be slightly or extremely crooked. If you see this, you will know that you will need to have a realignment done soon.


You will also need to look at your tires. If you notice a much different wear pattern on one than what is on the tire opposite, it is time for an alignment. As tires start to get out of alignment, they will wear differently, and eventually you will start to feel the pulling or vibrations of them. A vehicle with proper alignment will be much easier to drive as well. Potholes will aid in throwing out your alignment and ability to handle your vehicle. Poor alignment will also lead to lower the miles per gallon because the vehicle will put more energy into its trajectory than previous. By making sure your wheels are aligned properly, it will also make sure your vehicle gets the best mileage possible. It can also allow you to have a comfortable ride.