Maintaining your vehicle is important. There are a lot of ways to take care of the engine in your car. From keeping it cleaned on the inside and out to having the fluids checked regularly, there are steps that should be taken on a regular basis in order to keep the engine in smooth operation. When the engine is not checked frequently, a problem could creep up that lands you on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. But if you have regular maintenance, a technician might be able to spot a problem before it turns in to something large and disastrous, and expensive. Spending an hour or two in the shop having maintenance done is a lot easier to do, and probably cheaper than if you have to go a few days without a vehicle while it had a major repair done.


Regular Maintenance is Important to Keep the Engine Efficient

Regular maintenance will spot a problem when it is in the small stage sometimes. For instance, if there are small cracks in a belt of a hose, the technician will be able to see it and replace the part before it completely breaks and causes a larger problem on the side of the road. Maintenance will check the fluids, the belts and the hoses and make sure they are not cracked or broken.

Top off the Fluid Levels

Keeping the fluids at the adequate levels is important. If you notice that one has decreased more often than normal, it could mean that there is a leak somewhere in the system. The fluids that run through the car include the transmission fluid, the power steering fluid, the brake fluid, the antifreeze and even the oil. If any one of the fluids is not at the correct level, then one part of the engine might fail and you could find yourself stuck on the side of the road. That is why maintenance checks are vital to keeping your car on the road and running smoothly. If you need help with the fluids of your vehicle, make sure to bring it in and we can inspect the vehicle and fluid levels for you.

When Needed, the Engine Should be Cleaned

There are a couple of ways that you can keep your engine clean on the outside. We will be able to use special solvents and clean the grease and get the grime off all the parts of the engine on the inside and the outside. The chemicals can be dangerous and you could harm the engine if you do not know what you are doing. The technician will also be able to safely clean the outside with a power washer and some soap. If you know where to spray and where not to spray, you could do this part of the cleaning at home on your own time. If you are not sure about where to spray but know you have a dirty engine block, then consult us to get the best results.