When you drive, you may not be aware that you drive differently at night than you would during the day. During the night you will have to pay more attention to the road you are driving on because it will be harder to see. The lights on your vehicle will also need to be inspected because they have to illuminate the road in front of you as you drive. Also make sure that you check the tires on the vehicle. This also includes the spare tire. By checking the tires you can help ensure the safety and reliability of your vehicle when you drive.


Proper Maintenance is Always Important

To help keep your vehicle in ideal operating conditions, make sure that you bring it in for regular maintenance inspections. We can look at the parts and components of your vehicle to ensure they are working efficiently with one another. If you notice anything between regular inspections, make sure to contact us. This can help you to prevent further damage and issues with your vehicle. If an issue is ignored, it can result in the part needing to be replaced sooner than it typically should.

Check the Windshield and Windshield Wipers

When you inspect your vehicle, one important part to remember is to check everything that will improve your visibility. This includes the windshield, windshield wipers, and lights on your vehicle. If you notice an issue with the visibility of your vehicle, make sure to bring it in. If the windshield is damaged or has a crack in it, the windshield should be replaced. Having a cracked windshield can lead to poor or impaired vision when you drive. A crack could hide an object or obstruction that could be on the surface of the road. Over time a small crack can develop into a much larger one that could stretch out over the entire windshield. Having a small crack or mark can help prevent the need for the entire windshield to be replaced. Also check the windshield wipers so they are in the best condition possible. If they have tears or rips to them, then they should be replaced. This will allow them to clean the windshield efficiently when they operate. If you notice that the wipers cannot clear always the windshield effectively, make sure to have them replaced. It is recommended to have the windshield wipers replaced at the start of spring and the start of fall. This way you will have new wipers for the thunderstorms in the summer, and snowstorms in the winter.

Top Off the Fluids

Before you drive, make sure to check the fluid levels in your vehicle. The fluids help keep the vehicle operating efficiently when you drive. The fluid levels should be at the line indicated on each reservoir. This will keep the fluids at the ideal amount that your vehicle will need to operate. If you notice that the fluid levels are getting low often, it can indicate the sign of a leak. Make sure to bring your vehicle in so we can inspect the fluid levels for you.